How can I be attractive and stylish?

Someone may seem to care less about it but we all want to look attractive and stylish. We all want to receive compliments for how we look and how we dress up. It’s not just about clothes. Here we will learn the ways to look instantly attractive and stylish.

The most important thing is to know your body. We don’t observe ourselves the much and that results in bad appearance. Get familiar with your body type and know what’s appropriate for you. Anything you wear must compliment your body and curves.

Another important thing other than what we wear is attractive attitude. Love yourself for who you are, keep a bright and beautiful smile on (trust me, this works wonders), stay positive and be confident.

Our posture can tell a lot of things about us, so it’s good to practice how to walk, sit, stand and move properly. Keep your head straight while walking and don’t look at the ground. Don’t stand, putting all your weight on foot, balance it and keep your poise.

These were some tips to work on. Now let’s get into the wardrobe.


Not all of us can afford a variety of coats or jackets of various colors etc, so to avoid all that, buy a motorbike leather jacket. This on piece can be worn with almost any kind of dress and looks awesome.

Tucking in the shirt

People have stopped tucking in their shirts, be it a male or a female. Tucking in the shirt instantly gives you a shape and an attractive trait. If you don’t want to tuck in the shirt, just tuck in slightly from the front and in no time, you’ll look superb and attractive.


Always wear a lipstick, either light or dark but keep in mind to wear a color on your lips to energize you look. A study has shown that people are attracted towards the colored lips, especially red. Lipstick is something that add glam to your face and makes it look more attractive even without any other makeup on face.


Shoes play a very important role in making us look fabulous if worn the right ones. Nude heels are the one you can count on, it’s a universal color and goes with any type of clothes and with any color. It also makes your legs look sleek, slim and more attractive. Shoes also look cool if worn with the right dress.


Off-shoulders never go out of style and always makes you stand out among others. it brings out the collar bone and shows off your neck which is extremely attractive.

Play with your hair

Experiment with your hair and make new and creative hairstyle. Wearing your hair, the same old way gets boring and ruin everything. Make new hairstyles and keep it neat. Wearing your hair down always looks attractive and the body of the hair adds a bonus in it. No doubt straight hair looks great but wavy and voluminous hair is extraordinarily attractive. 


People are more attracted towards eyebrows than eyes, so it’s very important to keep your eyebrows on flee.


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