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Pokémon Go is one of the most played and searched games around the globe

Pokémon Go is one of the most played and searched games around the globe, the game with its release even surpassed the most searched query “Sex” on Google. If you already have your hands on to the game, and getting the amusement by playing the classic game, you are quite lucky. As, most of the time, users get on the server of the Pokémon got the server errors, and are not being launched to catch the Pokémon.

Pokémon Go is the first great game released and offered by the Pokémon Franchise for Android and iPhones users.

But, that credit goes to the Ingress developer, Niantic. You got the adventure in your hands where you can go outside and move around to have a morning walk and also catch the Pokémon; you are crawling slowly to become a true Pokémon trainer.

The entire Idea of the development Pokémon Go for Android phones came from the Ingress, those who have played Ingress would come to know the inch and squares of it, but those who have not played Ingress also would not be getting many issues.

This Pokémon Go basically converts your real location into video games, and by playing the game, by catching the Pokémon you can roam around to a real location, and catch the Pokémon.

With Pokémon Go, you are going to discover the whole new world of Pokémon. You get the chance to explore the real location on your nearby and search for the Pokémon.

You get the chance to catch more powerful and legendary Pokémon around your corners, either by opening the camera and throwing the Poke ball or just swiping your fingers on the screens to throw the ball.

How to Play the Pokémon Go?

You just need to have an Android application, Pokémon Go on your phone to install to play this mind-boggling game. You are going to witness the best app of the year by installing this application on an Android phone.

  • There are rare chances you could get Pokémon Go on Google Play Store, so we also have given you the download link grab from there.
  • Change the Android’s installation settings, Android would not allow you to install the app with the default installation settings.
  • Tap on settings -> security settings > and check the unknown source radio button
  • Either you can log in using Google Account or register yourself on Pokémon Go
  • Create your profile, enable the GPS location, and turn on our data connection
  • You are all set to collect the most powerful Pokémon on the real-location of you.
  • As you move around to the places where you live, the phone will start vibrating to let you know that there is a Pokémon Near you.
  • And by taking the aim and throwing the Poke ball you can catch the Pokémon.
  • But, be careful, if the Pokémon get to know about your intentions, he may run away from that location.
  • With Pokémon Go, you can interact with your real-life friends nearby with a variety of exciting ways.
  • You need to exchange the trainer code to see a friend on your friend list.


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