Deceased Pet Wants You to Know

5 Things Your Deceased Pet Wants You to Know


Losing a pet is hard. They become a part of our families and their loss can leave a big hole in our hearts. If you’re struggling to cope with the loss of your furry friend, here are five things your deceased pet wants you to know.

1. I’m not really gone. 

Just because I’m not physically with you anymore doesn’t mean I’m gone forever. I’ll always be with you in spirit. Whenever you need me, just close your eyes and I’ll be there.

2. I didn’t want to leave you. 

Please don’t think that I left you by choice. I would have stayed with you forever if I could have. I didn’t want to go, but sometimes we don’t have a choice in these things.

3. Don’t be afraid to talk about me. 

I know it hurts to talk about me, but it’s important to keep my memory alive. Talk about the happy times we had together and don’t be afraid to laugh or cry when you do it. It’s all part of the grieving process.

4. Take care of yourself. 

I don’t want you to wallow in sorrow forever and I certainly don’t want you to neglect your own wellbeing in my name. Eat healthy, get plenty of exercise, and spend time with friends and family. These things will help you through this tough time. 

5. Get another pet when you’re ready. 

I know how much joy I brought into your life and eventually, when the time is right, I hope you’ll let another furry friend do the same for you again. They might not be exactly like me, but they’ll love you just as much (or even more!). 


Losing a pet is never easy but it’s important to remember that they’re never really gone as long as they live on in our memories. If you’re struggling after the loss of a furry friend, here are five things your deceased pet wants you to know that might help ease the pain just a little bit.


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