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Why do people like to take selfies?

To express themselves? or To get likes and comments?

What is a selfie?

Selfie is usually taken by activating the front-facing camera on most of the smartphones, holding the phone out in front of yourself with one arm, and snapping a photograph.

Another latest trend is to take a “bothie“. It is a photo or a video that uses a split-screen format to capture imagery or record footage through a mobile device’s front- and rear-facing cameras at the same time. They’re often shared on social media networks using apps.

There’s so much more meaning behind a selfie, why people do it, and why it’s become such a massive trend? Here are a few brief points about the selfies

To express themselves:

group selfie

In the new era, the majority of youngsters take selfies for narcissism. Also, take selfies to post them online just to share their delightful personality and express what they’re doing or thinking.

To show your energy:


Many people take selfies entirely to get the attention of the people. These energetic selfies allow them to become more confident with their skills and appearances.

Share the special and crazy moments:

special moment yay selfie

People of all ages take selfies of the celebrations like birthdays, weddings, festivals, social gatherings and exciting moments to share them on social media with their friends and family

To get likes and comments:

yay selfie

People like to catch the emotions of their friends, family, and public through likes and comments. They actually like to get noticed on social media, and all of those likes and comments from friends are a quick and easy way to boost one’s own ego.

Eliminate the boredom:


People especially youngsters normally get bored quickly at work, at school/college, at home, and on the go. So, an easy and quick way of entertainment is to take selfies and share on social media and get likes and comments immediately. Also like, dislike and comment on friend’s selfies is amazing fun.

Social media is now fun:

yay selfie

As we know that social media is about being social! If that means to upload your fun-loving selfies as much as possible, then so be it. Sometimes there is no reason to upload a selfie but people like to do that just for fun, and it’s a cool way to express your delightful personality.


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