Some Must-Try Traditional flavors of Northern Areas of Pakistan

Along with endless options of visiting spots, Northern Pakistan has plenty of popular delicious dishes to eat . One who seek varieties in foodstuff, cannot deny the importance of these amazing dishes according to this area. Just like a goat and chicken meat is famous in Punjab, beef and fish is specific for Sindh, Northern areas have also it’s recognizable meat dishes. In these areas, menus of restaurants are filled with a lot of dishes including meat, vegetables, coffees, fish, and sweets. You’ll get an inconceivable experience of these unique cuisines during your journey to Northern Areas of Pakistan.

Here we’ve made a list of some traditional fares of Northern Pakistan


The most recommended dish of Gilgit Baltistan and Hunza Valley, Chapshoro is wonderfully cooked by using yak meat different ingredients like onion, tomatoes, ginger, coriander, and oil. The top one dish of Gilgit Baltistan, Chapshoro is just like a pizza loaded with brilliant flavor. Sometimes Chapshoro served with hot tea to double the excite of eaters.

Gyal, Speciality of Hunza Valley

This special pancake made with honey, fruits, healthy sweet ingredients, and apricot oil can eat in breakfast. This traditional item of Hunza valley is the most-liked food for people of Northern Areas. People love to eat gyal as it is the perfect buttery dish to eat with milk tea or coffee.

Hoi Lo Gurma

Hoi Lo Gurma is a traditional dish of Hunza. Prepared with tomatoes, green chilies, onion, lemon, spinach, and chicken broths make it a healthy vegetarian dish. Lemon juices give it some extra flavor. The notable thing about Hoi Lo Gurma is its tasty garnishing items. It is must-try food to taste once while your tour to Northern Pakistan.

Tikka & BBQ

Kababs and BBQ food considered the most favorite food amongst people of Northern Pakistan. This variety includes Chicken-Tikka, Lamb Tikka, Chapli Kabab, Reshmi Kabab, Afghani Kabab and so on. The most liked kababs of this area are Chapli kabab which made by different spices and fresh ingredients. This worthy dish has a pleasant, distinct flavor that its appetizing aroma can boggle one’s mind.

Shanwari Karahi

Rich in taste, this Karahi is sometimes made of Chicken or sometimes made of sheep meat. Marinated with different spices, it’s gravy show its delicacy. The most loved dish in North, shanwari karahi is garnished with fresh green chilies and coriander which increase the appetite of eaters. We cannot sum-up its delicious taste in writing.

Afghani Pulao

Cooked and embellished with lumps of sheep meat or chicken, basmati rice with fresh vegetable ingredients and nuts, this Kabuli Pulao is a famous dish in Northern Pakistan. We can taste various flavors in one dish. This quality platter of Afghani rice with meat is considered delicious cuisine for eaters. It’s appetizing odor fill the mouths with water.


Charsi Karahi, the specialty of Northern Pakistan

Originated from Northern Areas and somehow from Kashmir, Charsi Karahi has a unique taste just like its name. It is also called Peshawari Dumba Karahi because it is considered as the master dish of Namak Mandi in Peshawar.


At first, this food is more famous for its richness of proteins and calories. Second, it is a specially made meat with the mixing flavors of spices and charcoal aroma. This aroma makes it different from other cuisines of Northern Areas. People like this food for its specific taste.


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